Does your group need help with fundraising? Well let us help you, We are happy to come out and put on a public ghost hunt or tour. All the money raised will go to your group.


Testimonial for ICGH

We at Skyline Center in Clinton, IA are very grateful for the professional services

provided by Iowa City Ghost Hunters at our Paranormal Investigation fundraiser

on November 5, 2022! Our Administration Building is part of the old Schick

Hospital, which was an Army Hospital built in the early 1940’s to accommodate

soldiers injured in World War II. It is an amazing place with rich history and

expected paranormal activity. ICGH spent overnight in our facility doing

investigations and then provided tours for 8 hours explaining the process and

what had been found the night before.

ICGH volunteered their time and talent so that we could raise funds for the

Skyline Foundation, which helps support the individuals we serve with intellectual

and other developmental disabilities and/or mental illness. The event was a

smashing success- tickets were sold out and then some!

Thank you ICGH for your generosity and sharing your skills with Skyline and the

Clinton community!