Rev. Matthew


Matthew began working as a paranormal investigator in 2006. Matthew is a Clairaudent Psychic Medium. When a friend moved into a haunted house, he became interested in paranormal investigations. Matthew has assisted in the formation of six paranormal research teams since 2006. Matthew attended Universal Life Church Seminary after becoming interested in paranormal investigation. He received certification in premarital Concealing, Exorcisms, spiritual healing, Reiki healing, spiritual concealing, spiritual guidance, and weddings and funerals. Matthew has expanded his expertise by collaborating with Native American Shaman and Amish Bishops to better comprehend spiritual direction.  

Degrees Matthew holds:

Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics

Doctorate Degree in Divinity

Masters Degree in Wicci Ministry



Heather was born with the ability to see and sense spirits. She had no idea what it was or why she could do it as a youngster. As a result, she became a Paranormal Investigator. Heather is a Clairsentience Psychic Medium. She can walk properties and haunting locations without leaving her residence because of her Psychic talents. Heather has been in the medical field since 1996. 


Western Iowa Director

Justin has lived in a number of haunted homes. Justin was a client before joining Iowa City Ghost Hunters and had a paranormal investigation performed at his home. Justin has been studying to become a para-counselor since joining the team. Justin has been in law enforcement for almost ten years and enjoys assisting others. 


Eastern Iowa Director/Demonologist

Chazz is a native American who grew up with a pastor for a father. Chazz has been a Doctor of Philosophy in Demonology since he was a young adult. He has collaborated with the Church of Satan in order to understand more about demons. Chazz is a licensed exorcist and demonologist. Chazz has volunteered to assist paranormal teams all across the world. 


Kids Team Director

Joy loves watching various ghost-hunting TV shows. This prompted her to pursue her passion as a paranormal investigator. Joy has become the director of the Children's group and a haunted collector since joining  Iowa City Ghost Hunters. She is always collecting artifacts that are said to be haunted. She has traveled around the country collecting various stuff. 



Equipment Manager/Inventor 

Kent joined Iowa City Ghost Hunters after seeing several ghost-hunting television shows and gone on several paranormal investigations with a few different paranormal teams. Kent has discovered his passion and ambition to create his own equipment since joining the organization. When he is not working as an investigator or in the mental health field, he can often be found soldering and playing with circuits to see what he can come up with. Kent volunteers as a  firefighter/EMT and serves on various disaster response teams in his spare time. 


Paranormal Investigator in training


Training Manager

Lindsay is involved with the Iowa City Ghost Hunters in a variety of capacities. Lindsay studied Wiccan and pagan faiths in order to have a better understanding of earth-centered religions. Lindsay is certified by numerous organizations in Earth-centered religion. Lindsay has provided instruction at Paranormal University and trained new team members since joining Iowa City Ghost Hunters.


Investigator in Training

Alex discovered Iowa City Ghost Hunters and her enthusiasm for ghost hunting while Iowa City Ghost Hunters was doing a public paranormal investigation to fund raise for non-profit that works with disabled people.


Paranormal Investigator

Since joining Iowa City Ghost Hunters with her daughter, Wendy is always networking and attempting to get to know everyone. Wendy is constantly conversing with and consoling clients throughout investigations. Wendy is so interested in paranormal investigations that she has conducted a mini-paranormal investigation with many of her nursing coworkers after work.


Investigator in Training

Matthew and Kent Riverside Theater in Iowa City, 2022


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