Paranormal Advice

Many of our Clients just need someone they can talk to. Often, you just need someone who can give you advice on Paranormal Activity. 

With Every client we listen to you, we listen to what you are experiencing.

The information gathered is used to help us we what we need to do for provide you and your family with relief. 

Even if you don't want an investigation, we will still listen to you.

Paranormal Investigations

 We know that when dealing with the Paranormal, investigations are a must. We offer professional investigations. We provide confidential investigations. We make sure no one knows we are there.  We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the best investigation we can. Our investigators have years of experience. Most of our investigators are former clients. We will not provoke or antagonize the spirits. Our investigations are geared to finding the activity and see what we can do to help you. 

Note: We can't guarantee we will gather any evidence, we will keep coming back until we do.


We offer free cleansing to anyone out there. While cleansing are not a guarantee that we will be able to remove the activity, we will keep coming back until we do. 

We can offer spiritual cleansing. 

For our Cleansing, we work with




-Native American Shaman

Psychic Medium

Iowa City Ghost Hunters is proud to offer psychic Medium services to you. We have several psychic Mediums that will read properties.

Our mediums offer Psychic reading for a price.


We know that there is not much out there for exorcisms. Most churches refuse to offer them. We do offer exorcisms.


Iowa City Ghost Hunters has one of the only demonologists in the country on the team.

For ICGH clients demonologist offers his services for free. 

He does charge $150 plus travel cost to anyone esle.  

Haunted item collection

We are not afraid to remove a haunted item. Our team has been asked to remove haunted items for over 10 years. Once a haunted item is removed, our team will deal with the item, keeping the spirit away from you. 

Historical Research

Our team always does historical research on properties or areas that we are asked to. We research as far back as we can. We even are able to do Family tree research.