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About Us

Iowa City Ghost Hunters is a paranormal investigation team dedicated to finding answers through scientific equipment and the documentation of paranormal phenomena. 

Our purpose is to collect evidence for the field of paranormal inquiry and to aid people who desire to have their experiences documented and confirmed in some manner through investigation, EVP session recordings, and film.

Iowa City Ghost Hunters constantly provides their services for free to everyone. ICGH intends to assist individuals across the Midwest, including Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, and Wisconsin. ICGH performs cleansings, banishings, and exorcisms in addition to paranormal investigations.


Matthew and Heather O'Brien launched Iowa City Ghost Hunters in 2012. ICGH began with 5 team members and has expanded to over 26 team members. Including a Kids Team for team members' children. Iowa City Ghost Hunters have visited Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, and Seattle, Washington. Iowa City Ghost Hunters has evolved to be one of Iowa's premier paranormal investigation teams since 2012. Iowa City Ghost Hunters has been featured in a number of newspaper articles and television interviews. The Iowa City Ghost Hunters enjoy teaching others about paranormal occurrences. Every year, students at the University of Iowa seek answers and assistance from ICGH. In 2018, Iowa City Ghost Hunters assisted a local high school in the formation of their own ghost-hunting squad (club). 


Did an amazing job helping my husband and I. Since there help things seem to be getting better. 

Amanda R. 2023

Thank you for your help. They came out and helped my family. We were dealing with something evil. We were scared and didn't know what to do. Matthew and his wife came out right away and helped us. 

Stephan D, 2019

Great investigation came out out and helped my family and I for no charge. They even refused payment. During the investigation, they gave us crystals to help us at no charge. 

Patricia M, 2019

I don't know what I could say, but Thank you. Truly a great team. They didn't want payment from us.

Dan R 2018

A funny group of people. They didn't do an investigation, because I didn't want one. I just needed to talk to someone about what was going on in my house. They were always their to talk to me and help me with advice even at 3AM in the morning. I called 9 other teams who all refused to talk to me, unless they could do an investigation. Yet Matthew at ICGH didn't, he spoke with me and helped me with advice. 

Julie S, 2013


Iowa City Ghost Hunters is proud to be a member of Iowa Businesses Against Human Trafficking