ICGH (Iowa City Ghost Hunters) is one of Iowa's premier teams formed in 2012. ICGH is dedicated to helping others gain peace of mind by helping to explain what is and is not paranormal through use of modern techniques and documented evidence acquired during investigations. Their mission is to capture both video and audio signatures of paranormal activity to prove the existence of life after death. Iowa City Ghost Hunters hope to help those who experience paranormal activity and to distinguish between occurrences that are paranormal or those that have rational explanations.

Paranormal Research

We offer FREE Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal University

Want to learn how to become a Paranormal Investigatior, then this is the program for you.

Property Research

Before every Investigation, our team spends a large amound of time doing research on the history of the location.

Iowa City Ghost Hunters infront of the Black Angel of Iowa City


Iowa City Ghost Hunters is proud to be a member of Iowa Businesses Against Human Trafficking

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